5 Tips: Pet Airline Travel

5 Tips: Pet Airline Travel

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Most pet owners want them to be safe and comfortable even when flying across country. Still, there are reasons why pets just can’t run all around the plane, and most of them deal with safety.

A few years ago, one pet owner let her pooch poker its head out of its carrier for some air. Somehow within the next few minutes, the dog was in the cockpit. Although the pilots handled it well, this could have been a very serious issue for the safety of all the passengers.

Just because you love dogs, that doesn’t mean that everybody on the plane does. You can’t have your dog walking about trying to make new friends when people with dog allergies may on the plane. Your pet stretching his legs is not a good enough reason to send someone into anaphylactic shock.

You and your pet should both be prepared to sit back and relax on the plane. Nobody enjoys sitting for an extended amount of time, but the most you can do is try and make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during the flight.

Using the 5 tips below, you should be able to do just that:

Tip 1 – Purchase a comfortable carrier for your pet that meets all safety regulations.

Tip 2 – Many pets are prone to motion sickness so do not feed your pet right before traveling.

Tip 3 – Be prepared to in-flight emergencies on the plane. If your dog has an accident, go into the lavatory and clean-it up. Do not make your fellow passengers suffer. Of course this situation may be avoided if you allow your pet to use the restroom before you enter the airport.

Tip 4 – Sometimes airplanes can be quite chilly. Make sure you have a jacket or blanket for your pet if necessary.

Tip 5 – Don’t assume that everyone likes your pet. Your pet should not be allowed to run free either in the waiting area or on the plane itself.



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