Cat Travel Supplies for a Road trip

Cat Travel Supplies for a Road trip

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Going on a road trip? Fantastic! If you’re going to bring your cat along for the ride, you’ll need to assemble an arsenal of supplies to ensure her comfort, health, and safety. This checklist covers all the bases:

Medications/Back Flower Essence “Rescue Remedy.” If your cat is scared of traveling or leaving home, you can reduce her stress by placing a few drop of Rescue Remedy in her water.

Carrier/bedding. This will come in handy both when traveling and when you arrive at your destination. Many hotels require you to crate your pet when you leave the room.

Travel litter box and scoop. You likely won’t want to lug your big home litter box along for the trip. You can get a small travel litter box at your local pet store or online for around $10.

Litter. This one is kind of a no-brainer!

Hand-held vacuum for litter spills. Whether in the car or in your room you’ll want an easy way to clean spills.

Collar, harness, and two leashes (in case you lose one). This way she can stretch her legs when you make pit stops along the way. If you haven’t walked your cat on a leash before, you’ll probably want to leash-train her in advance.

Bowls. You may want to get a bowl with a rubber grip so it doesn’t move around in your car while you’re driving.

Food. It’s never easy to switch your pet food. If you prefer your car vomit-free, now is probably not the time to make the change!

Toys/scratching post. She’ll be more comfortable in a new environment if she has some of the comforts of home. Also, if you bring a scratching post she’ll be less likely to damage hotel property by scratching.



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