Fly the Sky with Pet Airways

Fly the Sky with Pet Airways

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For as low $250 one-way compatible price, you can have your pet fly in Pet Airways amongst five major cites; Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Denver and Chicago. Keeping in line with the larger U.S. airlines, with a competitive pet fee.

However, pet owners will see a distinction of “over and above” service while utilizing Pet Airways, despite the size in airlines itself. Rest assured that the pet owners can relax as their pets are transported n the comfort of the main cabin using Pet Airways. Having been refurbished and replaced with carriers instead of seats. Their pets (approximately 50 per flight) will have their own escort to check the animals onto the plane and then will also check on each of the animals in 15 minute intervals. Along with this, these pets are treated to walks prior to boarding time to relieve themselves outdoors. Included at each of these five major airports is now a pampering “pet area” for pet owners and their furry friends to relax and await their flight.

These companies will eventually surface in smaller, regional airports that are now being considered. Although, these stops that must be made along the way at other cities will make it a longer ride for the pets. Therefore a flight from LA to New York will take approximately 24 hours since the pets will have to stop off in Chicago, have exercise, dinner, and sleep for the night and outdoor potty time while commencing their journey the next morning.

They will start with one flight out of all five major cities, hoping to extend their flights and location cities in the near future. Also, Binder is hoping to be able to have these flights, over the course of three years, expanded to over 25 areas. When flying AirTran, Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit, the larger U.S. carriers, pets are only permitted n the cabin area on flights. Charging around $100 to $125, and Delta and Northwest fees at $150 for cabin flights. Among the larger carriers, AirTran rates are least at $69.

This fee goes up when you wish your pet travel in the check-baggage area or cargo. Currently, Northwest and Delta rank among the highest at $275.

While Midwest and Alaska Airlines rates are the lowest at $100. Accepting pets as checked baggage only, Frontier fees range between $100 and $200.



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