Pet Airlines: the Latest in Pet-Friendly Travel

Pet Airlines: the Latest in Pet-Friendly Travel

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If you want to bring a large pet on a flight, you have to be comfortable leaving him in the plane’s cargo area where the luggage goes. That can be a little risky. For starters, the temperature might fluctuate creating a less than comfortable environment. Secondly, turbulence may shift the crate around, which could be frightening for your pet. Pet Airways—the world’s first airline dedicated to the safe and comfortable transportation of pets—provides an interesting alternative: an airline just for dogs and cats that flies them in the main cabin—not in the cargo.

Most airlines charge a fee close to $100 to transport your pet under your seat or as luggage. Pet Airways charges $149 and up—relatively close in cost—and provides many benefits unavailable on regular flights. “Pawsengers” fly in fully-lit, climate-controlled airplanes that have the seats and overhead bins removed. A special system designed by Pet Airways secures the private pet carriers in place. Pet attendants don’t serve refreshments, solely to ensure a sickness-free experience; but they will give your little buddy a treat of some water if it seems necessary. And if your pet requires medication that’s not a problem either. Specify when you make the reservation and the attendant will take care of it. You can even track your pet’s flight on the website to be sure the trip is going smoothly.

It’s a whole new era in pet-friendly travel. Finding a hotel that welcomes pets with luxury amenities is easier than ever before—and transporting your pet is just as pain-free. Visit Pet Airways online to browse destinations, find answers to frequently asked questions, and make a reservation.



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