What You Need to Know About Pet Transport Companies

What You Need to Know About Pet Transport Companies

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When you’re relocating to a new home, particularly if it’s far from your current residence, you may want to utilize a pet transport company to get your little guy from A to B. We know; it’s not easy handing your pet over to a new third party. If they’re driving cross-country they could feasibly have your pet for a number of days. What if he gets homesick? What if they don’t feed him enough or give him medication at the right time? What if a larger dog attacks? All great questions—and you should get the answers before you make the choice.

To make a smart animal transportation plan for your relocation, first check out Pets on the Go for links to pet moving specialists. When you start making calls to narrow down your options, verify that the organization:

Is licensed by the USDA
Is well-established and can provide references
Employs a driver with experience handling multiple animals in this fashion
Is properly insured and prepared for emergencies on the road
Uses spacious kennels and does not over-pack them in the vehicle
Controls the climate in the vehicle—very important in the heat!
Provides ample opportunities for exercise, potty breaks, and attention during the trip
Is prepared for medical emergencies (in case your dog gets sick en route)
Will administer medications (if your pet requires them)
Cleans the crates throughout the trip
Protects pets from larger animals that may not play well with others
Allows you to be in contact as often as you deem necessary during the trip

When it comes to cost, you may be tempted to save a few dollars. Resist the urge! Cheaper isn’t always better if it means sacrificing care or comfort. The good news is pet transportation may be tax deductible. According to IRS publication 521, you can deduct your pet moving expenses if you’re moving to change jobs.



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